Cwejman VCO2-RM & STG LPF demo

This is just a short demo of the Cwejman VCO2RM thru the STG Soundlabs “Post  lawsuit ” LPF filter.
The VCO2RM is set on the middle wave (the modulated TRI) modulated by the VULCAN MODULATOR by Livewire.
Each VCO has its indipendent modulation rate.
The 2 vco are mixed by an A138 and then pass thru the STG LPF.

An A145 modulate (sine) the filter frequency.

The filter has 75% resonance and the frequency is between 5-6.

Cwejman & STG LPF by francescopoggianti

1 comment for “Cwejman VCO2-RM & STG LPF demo

  1. astralis
    February 13, 2011 at 8:04 am

    bello il filtro.
    sembra suonare molto bene: sporco e grezzo al punto giusto.

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